How can you increase the quality of your electricity?

To prevent the causes of potential deterioration in electrical quality:

  • Do not use non-certified homemade devices! (boilers, etc.) This is dangerous!
  • Do not leave unattended instruments!
  • Do not turn on powerful devices at the same time!
  • Specify the allowed power, the capabilities of the meter, the presence of a “bug” on the pole, and adjust your consumption in accordance with these conditions.

Important: At low voltage, the load is considered to be voltage. At a voltage of 90 V, simultaneously switching on the kettle and the heater can knock out the fuses

  • With three-phase power supply it is recommended to distribute the load evenly throughout the house.
  • Three phases (4 wires) - technically natural power supply system, to maintain the voltage balance. Sometimes necessary for specific devices - electric boiler, electric stove.

In the event of significant deviations of the parameters of power quality, you should first contact the service organisation, the supplier of electrical energy.

If the suppliers’ actions to try and improve the quality of electricity do not produce results, then you need to use special means of protection:

  • uninterruptible power supplies
  • surge protectors,
  • surge protection equipment
  • power generation systems.