Residents of the village of Kyzyl-Suu of Kara Kyshtak rayon

We, the residents in A.Navoi street, Shamshad, Boston in Kyzyl-Kyshtak village of Karasu rayon sincerely express our appreciation and gratitude to all the staff of PF "Unison", especially its leaders, for their work on lighting our streets and replacing electric meters. Additionally your employees also carried out educational and explanatory discussions with citizens to improve legal literacy of the population.

  1. Amanbaev A. 189, Alisher Navoi street
  2. Sabirova Kh. 3, Shamshat -3 street
  3. Rakhimov M. 12, Shamshat street
  4. Khakimov U. 7, Shamyt streer
  5. Dadajanov Z. 212, Alisher Navoi street
  6. Uldashev Kh. 214 Alisher Navoi street
  7. Kusibaev Kh, 6, Boston street
  8. Abdyrazakov A. 187, Alisher Navoi street
  9. Mansurov N,  71, Shashat street
  10. Borbeiv U.  6, Boston street
  11. Bainazarova E. 6, Boston street
  12. Artigaliev M. 208A, Alisher Navoi street
  13. Kodirov Sh. 222, Alisher Navoi street
  14. Khapizov M. 224, Alisher Navoi street

We wish all the employees of PF "Unison" health, success and prosperity!


Chairman of quarter committee No. 5

Gapirov  KH

Akhmedova S.

Thank you Unison's staff Irisov Nurlanbek, Beisheev Erkinbek. They helped me during difficult times. Back then, I was not aware of whom to ask for help. Thank you for offering me your help during these special hardships.

We wish them a long life, successful work, may God bless you with many years of life. And I wish we had more such people and these resources in Kyrgyzstan.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Center for Quality of Service "Vostokelektro" Mukanbetov R.J.

"It is always pleasant to us to work with you as we can benefit from each other. We would like to provide joint information meetings and round tables at the regional and village district levels (ayil orkug). We often need information materials and would like to release new ones but you are always ahead of us and they are very useful to our work with the population and to consumers".